About us

Vital Rebel Clothing was founded by Mr. Mosley. Mr. Mosley was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dealing with the have not's became the norm in his upbringing which lead many people to seek entitlements, causing massive amounts of the community to rely on the government assistance. This lead to total control on how the government would disperse it's benefits. Always considering himself different and a step above, he sought out different endeavors at the young age of 14. Once his family moved to Arizona he joined the staff at the Boys and Girls Club of America. This is where his passion to become more engaged in giving back was adopted. Realizing the adverse situation he experienced in his own life he took the approach to build one relationship at a time. Unfortunately upon returning home to Las Vegas, Nevada where he now resides he was swept up in the law of the land, the status quo. As time moved along he started to rid himself of the stereotypes and rededicated his focus and passions back to his humble beginnings. To which Vital Rebel Clothing was formed. Vital Rebel Clothing is a purpose driven company aspiring to stay on track, to reaching it's goals and to sustain a socially responsible organization. They do this by working together, creating awareness, increasing strength and building the communities. From the entertainment capital city of Las Vegas, Nevada they are engaged in the youth skill building process, the homeless project and proudly support the courageous acts of kindness from the American Cancer Society. Vital Rebel Clothing takes pride in donating funds to breast cancer research.